Jadal Center for media training

 is a non-profit organization, of early specialized training centers in Jordan in the field of media and freedom of expression, where consolidates through its press training to promote these concepts of freedom and democracy.
Although its just approaching the two years has accomplished so far six specialized training courses in the field of Media with the participation of journalists from Jordan and the Arab states in the Gulf region, Among the most prominent of those courses that has implemented a training session coincided variables that occurred in the Arab world and was entitled "Media and Crisis .. Arab Spring model," with the participation of journalists from the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), along with reporters from the Jordan News Agency ,Jordan Television ,Jordanian newspapers ,websites, media center in the Greater Amman Municipality and broadcasters from Hawa Amman Radio.
The Centre also conducted training course entitled "creative journalist arts" for Journalists from Jordan and a Arab countries, as well as other courses for workers in the radio stations operating in Jordan, which numbered about 20 radio, and other courses.
It was a great achievement for Jadal center the contributions to the preparation and development of media strategy for the National Commission for Women, chaired by HRH Princess Basma for the years (2011-2015), Strategy aimed at promoting women's affairs and strengthen its position in the Jordanian society and invest the various means of communication to achieve these goals.
The center is achieved a quantum leap in the field of media training, due to the presence of an elite group of experts in the field of media and communication who on their shoulders enhance the center's work and achieve its goals in raising awareness among journalists of various affairs, fundamental issues,social and economic development in Jordan and the Arab world


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